Fused Glass

The basic idea behind fused glass is that art objects can be created by melting glass in a kiln. Two or more pieces of glass are placed in the kiln and heated until they fuse together into a single piece.

Fused glass can be produced to the specific requirements of our customers.

Our designers and specialists are available to help you design your unique and special piece of fused glass suitable to your taste and aspirations.

Applications: ceilings, internal partitions, skylights, kitchen cabinets, fixed panels, decorative items, dishes, ash trays, plates, sinks, vases, etc.  

ceiling-fusing-modern-lebanon mirror.fusing.glass frame.lebanon Door- fusing-glass- flowers- abstarct-lebanon fusing glass-sandblasting-door-lebanon
sink-glass-fusing-artistic-modern-lebanon fusing-art-glass-transparency-modern- door-lebanon fusing-kitchen-glass- colors- flowers-lebanon glass-fusing- fountain-lebanon
mirror- fusing-colors-lebanon door-engraving-fusing-art-lebanon glass-fusing- doors-sliding-lebanon mirror-console-fusing-modern-lebanon
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