Sandblasting and Engraving

At El Ghoul Co., the sandblasting on glass is done by abrasive material (aluminum oxide) and not by normal sand and thus provides a uniform texture on the sandblasted finished glass surface. Abrasive material is sprayed through a sandblasting gun on to glass which is masked up by a piece of stencil in order to produce the desirable design or pattern.
Glass engraving is a form of decorative glasswork that is created using the sandblasting technique. It goes deep in the glass thickness, not just on the glass surface. By varying the engravement depth levels of the engraving on a piece of glass, the executed design can be seen in 3D. 

El Ghoul Co. also uses a special technique to color the engraved part of the glass art that being produced in order to enhance it and bring it to life. 
Applications: decorative glass, partitions, decorative mirrors, dining tables, shower doors, internal partitions, doors, emblems, signs, etc.

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